Some thoughts on the recent election.

In response to the 2016 presidential election results, Jasmine Uysal and Caitlin O’Connor, Co-Presidents for the UCLA Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG), issue the following statement:

“The UCLA Reproductive Health Interest Group (RHIG) is deeply concerned by the result of this election. President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have pledged to pursue oppressive curtailment of reproductive freedom and justice in all three branches of government. In addition, the hate speech that was spouted during the election, and that is now surfacing in the electorate at the impetus of his ascendency to the presidency are spreading fear, intimidation, and blatant discrimination against historically disadvantaged populations in our communities including women, people of color, LGBTQ persons, immigrants, Muslims, and youth. Many of the freedoms that we have fought for are under attack, such as the low or no cost birth control under the ACA and to the right to have a safe and legal abortion. RHIG firmly believes that defending the freedoms of all peoples and their reproductive justice are essential to the progress of America both in spirit and in health.

RHIG recommits to the fight for health, dignity, justice, and reproductive freedom for all American peoples. In our role as mediator between student activists, citizens, and essential reproductive health organizations, RHIG will be supporting efforts securing our reproductive freedom at UCLA, in our surrounding Los Angeles community, and on a greater national scale. RHIG offers a safe space for all peoples, preclusive of sexual orientation, race, class, gender identity, religion, immigration status, or education level. Whether you need company, love, acceptance, or want a space to fight for justice… we welcome you and appreciate your efforts.

During our member meeting early in the new year, RHIG will be offering an open forum to students interested in the fight for reproductive health and justice. We want to hear your stories, your fears, your dreams, your fights, your art, and your ideas as we work together to contribute to the battle for reproductive freedom.  While today our numbers are small, together our voices can be loud. We are #strongertogether .”


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